Tuesday, 26 August 2014


We’re leaving soon. There’s far, far, far too much still to do.

One of those pressing tasks is to learn to blog (please don’t make me write that word again) while sitting in the comfort of my own home, rather than in a McDonald’s in northern France.(And a good thing, too, as I've already managed to publish and then delete this post.)

So, I’m starting – with a very short post featuring some pics of the girls using up our stash of sparklers, accumulated over who knows how many years.

That has very much been the theme of the past few weeks – using up, selling or discarding 12 years worth of accumulated detritus. And it’s starting to have an effect – I’m opening cupboards and seeing near-empty shelves, my piles of half-read magazines are getting smaller, the turtles have a new home and the cellar is looking slightly less overstocked
– but we still have a frighteningly long way to go.

I'll try to post regularly over the next few weeks as we prepare to leave and then send out a message when we actually hit the road. 

(For those not yet in the know, after 12 years in the UK, we’re moving back to Australia… slowly. The plan is to spend up to six months driving around Europe, then return to the UK, before hopping on a series of trains and travelling across Europe, Russia and Mongolia, and then meandering our way down through China and Southeast Asia and, finally, flying to Sydney. Can we pull it off? Who knows, but it’ll be fun trying.)

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