Friday, 5 September 2014


The girls have spent most of their school holidays sitting on their bums watching television while I’ve been trying to sort the house out, so yesterday I put them to work scrubbing the deck (don’t worry, I helped too).

Do we have to?

Cue squabbling over who was too close to whom, much moaning about green muck on their hands and feet, and squeals of delight as they were splashed when I hosed the planks down.

Getting there... slowly

The end result was most gratifying – now we just have to treat it.

My eyes, my eyes! It's so bright!

We also had the Velux window in the study replaced – I was the only one who could close it and it sometimes took me several goes to actually get it closed. The new one is lovely – slightly bigger (which made life difficult for the guys who put it in) and you can see out of it (moisture had got in between the double glazing in the old one). Of course, our finances have taken a nasty hit, but it needed to be done.

Making the hole bigger

Kate’s last day at work today!

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