Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Day 157: Jabbed!

We all went to the travel clinic today to get our vaccinations under way. The medical practice with which we’re registered has started up its own little clinic, which is fantastic news for us as it means that we can get the common jabs for free. We all got typhoid, the girls got the combined Hepatitis A and B, Kate and I both got tetanus, polio and diphtheria boosters and poor old Kate also had to have a Hep A booster. The girls were really good - no fuss, no bother, no tears, no complaints. 

We’re now agonising over whether to get the jabs for Japanese encephalitis and rabies. Both diseases are certainly present in many of the countries we’re going to be visiting, but the risk of getting them is pretty low. And the cost is eye-watering: £85 per dose for Japanese encephalitis, and you need two injections, which would add up to £680 for the four of us. We also have to sort out our malaria prophylaxis, which isn’t going to be cheap either, given the length of time that we’re planning to spend in malarial areas.

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