Friday, 7 November 2014

Day 38: Back to the beach

The wind has died and the sun is out and it's warm again! So, naturally, we headed for the beach again today, much to the consternation of the be-scarfed Greek grandma we pass on the way there, who clearly thinks we're crazy and isn't afraid to tell us so in rapid-fire Greek.

Of course, the sun went behind some cloud when we got there, so we played a bit of rudimentary beach volleyball first to warm up. While we were playing, one of our ex-pat acquaintances, a middle-aged Dutch woman, rode up on her moped wearing a bath robe and enquired about her Swedish friend's kitten. The water, when we finally made it in, did feel a bit chillier, but by then, the sun was back out and we didn't feel quite so crazy for going in.

After dropping in at home we headed back out to Delphini, the beach that we walked around the coast to back on day 12. This time we walked along the road, spotting our new friend Goliath looking very much at home sitting on a chair outside one of the houses. Kate and the girls stopped to pull seeds out of a sunflower and were greeted by a lovely all-white cat – not something we've seen very often up to now.

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