Saturday, 18 April 2015

Day 201: Taking Tallinn

This morning we made the mistake of going to the ferry 'cafe' for breakfast. We all got the 'omelette', which, I'm fairly certain, was actually scrambled powdered egg. Despite the addition of copious amount of salt and pepper, none of us managed to force down more than half of our allotted portions, and we were soon back in our cabin preparing for our day ashore in Tallinn.

Passport control was packed, but Kate spotted an EU-only queue at the end of the room and we sailed straight through (an indication of how many of the ferry passengers were Russian). The port in Tallinn is conveniently located adjacent to the old town, and it wasn't long before we were wandering cobbled streets admiring lovely old buildings (and I was indulging my fetish for photographing old doors). We visited Tallinn many years ago – when Sarah was about a year old – and as we meandered about we came across the restaurant where she first ate sushi. 

We stopped for coffee and wi fi, taking the opportunity to pay our removalists, and then started the hunt for somewhere to have lunch. We settled on a place called Rataskaevu 16 (its address) and were quickly reassured that we had chosen well. The d├ęcor was lovely – walls papered in places with musical scores, a large glass-covered hole in the bathroom offering a view into the building's ancient foundations – and the food good and cheap. And our waitress was endearingly enthusiastic – she wrote sweet notes on our serviettes and when Sarah said how much she liked her pendant, she even offered to take it off and give it to her. 

We then set about buying some more bits to have for dinner in our cabin – after the breakfast fiasco there was no way we were going to make the mistake of eating in any of the ferry's establishments again – and made our way back down to the port. 

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