Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Day 53: A small fall at the falls

Up early and back out to the bird hide. On the way there, we saw a huge murmuration of starlings – hundreds and hundreds of birds flying alongside and over us in one long, undulating stream. When we got to the hide, it was already a bit too light and what birds there were in the water nearby quickly took to the sky, but we took a little walk along the lagoon's edge and got quite close to a couple of flamingoes.

Back at the resort, we dived back into the breakfast buffet, armed this time with a bit of local knowledge so our foraging was more efficient. After packing up, we met Valia, the lovely PR from the company that owns the resort and she took us on a bit of tour. And while Kate and the girls played in the park and went ten-pin bowling, I interviewed one of the company engineers, who was involved in the incredible olive-tree-transplanting programme that was undertaken as part of the resort's construction (6,500 trees transplanted and counting).

After another lovely lunch at the golf club restaurant, we hit the road, driving to Polylimnio waterfalls, a series of small cascades and falls in a steep-sided ravine. The walk up the creek to the falls was very slippery, and at one point Sarah lost her footing and gave her knee a bit of a whack. The setting was very dramatic and as we got the higher, the path was fringed with some very elaborate snowdrops. 

It was after dark when we finally arrived at our hotel. Hotel Kakanakos was something of a step down from the previous night's accommodation – set right on the main road through town – but despite its less than salubrious frontage, it was very clean and quite nicely decorated. It was run by a very sweet Italian granny with virtually no English who sat in the foyer chain smoking and watching Greek variety shows at earsplitting volume. After getting all of our stuff into the room, we crossed the road and had dinner in a little roadside souvlaki place.

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