Sunday, 16 August 2015

Day 294: Taking it easy

It was hot and still last night, and none of us slept very well (Kate also think she may have been bitten on the foot by a spider during the night), but we did all manage to sleep in and we didn't get up until after 7am. With our bungalow only costing $10 a night and the deadline approaching for our press trip to a luxury resort off the town of Sihanoukville, we've decided to stay in Chi Phat for a bit longer. We've also been moving around so much for so long that we're ready to just sit back and take it easy for a while.

We walked across the road to our restaurant for some eggs for breakfast, accompanied by a very heavy downpour. There seemed little point in leaving the restaurant while the rain was still coming down so we sat talking to Joe from the Netherlands – essentially a part of the furniture in the restaurant - for some time. Having retired and sold up his business interests in Europe, Joe had travelled around Thailand, in the process acquiring a Thai wife and child. When the marriage broke down, he ended up in Chi Phat and is currently living in the guesthouse attached to the restaurant while his own bungalow is being built in the village. A keen wildlife photographer, he spends his days going out into the forest and then sorting his photos and posting them online.

When the rain tailed off, I went back to the bungalow to do some work. As it was the weekend, the hours of electricity had been extended, meaning that I could spend more time on the laptop. We went out for beef-skewer rolls and banana fritters for lunch, and in the afternoon, the girls went over the road to help with dinner again.

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