Friday, 21 August 2015

Day 300: I think we're starting to get the whole luxury thing

Once again, Kate and I were up early and once again we walked along the boardwalk to Koh Bong island, this time spotting the hornbills up in the trees above us. After breakfast at the Vista restaurant, we all went back to Koh Bong and walked through the rainforest to the rocky coast on the far side. We walked around the rocks for a while and then picked up a couple of empty sacks that had washed up and started collecting the other bits of rubbish we saw as made our way back to the resort – eventually completely filling both sacks. We got quite a few puzzled looks from the staff as we walked over to guest services to drop the bags off – I'm not this sort of behaviour is common among their guests . We then went back to the villa, where we did something we've never been able to do before and will probably never be able to do again – we all had showers at the same time under our own individual showers. 

Suitably refreshed, we wandered to the main pool for a swim, ordering in a pizza and some cocktails (as you do). For lunch, we decided to go back to the Vista restaurant, where we had some very nice curries, grilled chicken and for me, a steak (and a glass of red, ahhhhhh). After lunch, we went back to the villa and then Kate and I went out for our complimentary massage at the spa, which is located just across from our villa. Neither of us have really made a habit of getting spa treatments, and we found the whole experience hilarious – the oh so soothing music, oh so polite and deferential staff, but mostly the tiny little disposable shorts and g-string that they gave us to change into, which had us both crying with laughter. The massage was rather firm but ultimately very relaxing, and we returned to the villa in an eminently mellow state.

In the afternoon, I joined Bradlie at the Vista bar and conducted a short interview for my feature, which kept getting interrupted as whole shoals of fish jumped out of the water nearby. The others eventually joined us and we all chatted, sipped cocktails and ate some delicious snacks as the sun set, before the girls, Kate and I went for dinner on the beach – and then back to the villa for another movie. 

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