Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Day 105: Walkers, crisp

This afternoon we took Bella for a walk and discovered just how popular Le Mont  Pèlerin is with walkers of all descriptions. We headed out on the road into the fields and soon came across a family with young children. Then we passed an older couple with a dog, and a younger couple with a dog, and another older couple without a dog... The roads were properly busy with people out for a leisurely stroll in the sun. 

We left the road, which follows the contour of the hills and walked up a road/track that heads straight up and joins up with the snowshoe trail – and thus mostly left the walkers behind. Unfortunately, Sarah managed to drop one of her gloves as she walked up, so we split up and I went back for the glove while the others completed the loop back through the forest to the house. 

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