Saturday, 10 January 2015

Day 96: Offline and into the pines

The new year started off with a bit of hiccup, when we discovered that our phone and internet had been cut off. It eventually transpired that our 'host' family had arranged for the account to be switched over from the landlord's name to theirs, but of course nothing is ever so simple. I won't bore you with details of getting it switched back on – suffice to say that it took six days and left me with a healthy dose of scepticism when it comes to any talk of 'Swiss efficiency'.

Today was, however, gorgeous and sunny - the temperature hovering right on 0ºC - so we set off for a walk up one of the snowshoeing trails in the forest up the hill. Although it has stopped snowing now, there's still plenty of snow around and the forest looked amazing. The forest itself is dominated by some extremely tall pines and deciduous trees, with an understorey of classic, Christmas-tree-style conifers. 

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