Sunday, 19 October 2014

Day 11: The search for the supermarket

Jacky and Marjory obviously made it away okay, because they were gone in the morning. After letting the cats out of the shed and feeding them, we had breakfast and then headed out in search of a supermarket to get some provisions. We obviously hadn't listened to Jacky's instructions carefully enough because, well, despite Sally's best efforts, we couldn't find the one that she recommended.

Zoe meets Zorro

Multi-tasking: Blake, Flora's dog, Zoe and Zorro

We meandered around the narrow, winding roads for a while and eventually ended up on the other side of the island, on the outskirts of the capital, Ermoupolis. There, we stumbled across a Carrefour, which was great because it was a supermarket, but also because its parking area is the park bit of the park-and-ride into Ermoupolis. The supermarket itself was pretty basic – dimly lit, cramped, crowded and poorly stocked - but we got what we needed and headed home... and stumbled across the supermarket that Jacky had recommended. This one was much nicer, if still a bit basic, and we bought a few more bits and pieces before heading home for lunch.

After lunch, we went for a swim in Kini – an on-shore breeze had whipped up a bit more of a swell, so there were some actual waves today – then, while Kate fed and housed the cats, with some help from Flora, Jacky's Greek neighbour and partner in the cat charity, I set about cooking dinner on the rudimentary barbecue in the walled garden. The hob and oven in the kitchen are electric and the oven has lost all of the markings on its dials, so I've since cooked all of our dinners on the barbecue.

The outdoor kitchen

Later, after everyone else had gone to bed, I went into the kitchen to discover that we had failed one of our first cat-safety-related duties. The kitchen door wasn't shut properly and both of the cats that were supposed to spend the night there had escaped. I went outside to look for them, but although I couldn't find any sign of them, I did find a hedgehog, which was pretty cool. And both cats turned up again in the morning, so all was well.

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