Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Day 17: City break

We went into Ermoupolis for lunch today, eating at one of the restaurants in the covered over area. Most of them seemed to offer much the same food at much the same prices, but we found one that had a great lunch deal – three mezze plates and a half-litre of wine for eight euros. It was a bit of a lucky dip – the only choice was between meat and fish – but the dishes that came out were nice and reasonably substantial, and the tzatziki we got to supplement them was as good as we've had anywhere. The wine was even drinkable.

We then had a bit more of a wander, heading out around the waterfront in search of the city's archaeological museum. We didn't find it, but did come across a lovely area where you can go swimming (although we didn't go in). From here, there was a great view of the area of the city known as Little Venice, where a row of neoclassical buildings have been built on the rocky shoreline right up to the edge of the water.


Little Venice

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